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TRANSISTOR from POWEREX Page 8 of 11
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141. Part #: CM75TU-12H
Description: IGBT 75A 600V SIX-PACK

142. Part #: CM75TU-24F
Description: IGBT 75A 1200V SIX-PACK

143. Part #: CM75TU-24H
Description: IGBT 75A 1200V SIX-PACK

144. Part #: CM800DU-12H
Description: IGBT 800A 600V DUAL

145. Part #: CM800HA-24H
Description: IGBT 800A 1200V SINGLE

146. Part #: CM800HA-28H
Description: IGBT 800A 1400V SINGLE

147. Part #: CM800HA-34H
Description: IGBT 800A 1700V SINGLE

148. Part #: CM800HB-66H
Description: IGBT 800A 3300V SINGLE

149. Part #: CM900DU-24NF
Description: IGBT 900A 1200V DUAL

150. Part #: CM900HB-90H
Description: IGBT, SINGLE, 4500V, 900A

151. Part #: D64VE3
Description: TRANSISTOR

152. Part #: FS70UM-06
Description: NCHAN 70A 60V TO-220AB

153. Part #: KD221203A7
Description: TRANSISTOR 30A 1200V DUAL

154. Part #: KD221205A7
Description: TRANSISTOR 50A 1200V DUAL

155. Part #: KD221275A7
Description: TRANSISTOR 75A 1200V DUAL

156. Part #: KD221K03
Description: TRANSISTOR 30A 1000V DUAL

157. Part #: KD221K05
Description: TRANSISTOR 50A 1000V DUAL

158. Part #: KD221K75
Description: TRANSISTOR 75A 1000V DUAL

159. Part #: KD224503
Description: TRANSISTOR 30A 450V DUAL

160. Part #: KD224505
Description: TRANSISTOR 50A 450V DUAL